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Paying at an Automated Number Plate Recognition car park

Our payment machines allow customers to pay by cash, credit or debit card.

To pay at the machines, you will need to enter the last three digits of your car registration number and select the image of your car from the touch screen menu. 

By phone or mobile

Visit www.parkreg.co.uk to register. Once registered, you can then text PARK to 67766 with the location code (available on the tariff boards), the number of hours you want to park for and your full vehicle registration number.  Please be aware that a 25p administration charge applies when paying by text or by phone. This charge does not apply when using a debit/credit card directly at the payment machines.

To pay online

Visit www.parkreg.co.uk to register. After registering you can pay online or set up instructions to have your parking sessions charged automatically from your credit or debit card by enabling Swish-Park (Payments for these customers are run twice a month. Therefore, it may take a few days to register on your Swish-Park account).    For instructions on how to register for Swish-Park, please follow the pdf icon Swish-Park guidance [760KB]. You can choose to pay for your parking in advance, on exit or within 24 hours of parking. Please be aware that a 25p administration charge applies when paying online. This charge does not apply when using a debit/credit card directly at the payment machines.

For any issues with Swish-Park, including on-line payments call Parkreg on 0845 835 4872.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q.  Do the payment machines give change?
A.    The payment machines do not give change, but you have the facility to make debit/credit card payments or you can pay on-line up to 24 hours after your parking event.

Q.  There is no barrier at the entrance or exits to the car park.  Where do I pay for my parking?
A.    There are signs pointing to the pay on foot payment machines. 

Q.  How does the system know how long I've been parked for?
A.    Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras are located at the entrance and exit to the car park. When you enter the car park, your registration number is captured by the cameras. When paying via any of the above methods, the system calculates how long your vehicle has been in the car park.

Q. What happens if my vehicle registration number is not recognised by the cameras?
A.   There are a small number of occasions when the camera is unable to recognise the vehicle registration number. If this happens, there is a manual process to follow which is explained on the payment machine screens. Alternatively, you could pay on-line by registering at www.parkreg.co.uk 

Q. Do I need to display a ticket in my car?
A.   No, this is a ticketless system.  You can obtain a receipt at the payment machine or from www.parkreg.co.uk if you have paid on-line or by phone.

Q. What happens if I forget to pay?
A.   You can pay on-line or by phone at anytime 24 hours after the day you parked. If payment is not received by this time your address will be traced through the DVLA and a Penalty Charge Notice for £50 will be sent through the post.

Q. Do disabled badge holders have to pay?
A.   Yes, all users of the car park must pay to park.

Q. How can I contact CP Plus?
A.   To report lost property or a faulty payment machine - call 01707 332802
       For customer services - call 020 7431 4001

Q. Do all car parks in Welwyn Hatfield Borough use the ANPR system?
A.   No, only the Council car parks in Welwyn Garden City town centre use the ANPR system: Campus East Lower and Upper, Campus West, Cherry Tree and Hunters Bridge 

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