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Street environment

For information about how we look after public areas and the Streetscene.

Prestige in WGC

The council has a legal duty to keep public areas for which it is responsible, clean and free of litter. This includes streets and pedestrianised areas. We work in partnership with Serco to do this. Together, we also look after council managed open spaces, shrubs and flower beds. We also undertake a number of other Streetscene services on public land; from providing litter bins to removing graffiti, fly-tipping and abandoned vehicles.

  • Litter and litter bins

    Creating litter is an offence, as well as being unsightly and dangerous to animals. We are responsible for sweeping the streets and removing litter from public areas.

  • Dog fouling and waste bins

    It is every dog owner's responsibility to clean up after their dog. If left in public areas it is a potential health risk. It is no defence to claim ignorance of the dog's actions.

  • Street cleansing

    Street cleaning and the standards that need to be met are governed by the Environmental Protection Act 1990. The council does not adhere to a strict cleaning schedule, but instead cleans the streets to an agreed level of cleanliness on a cycle.

  • Leaf clearance

    Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council will clear leaves from public areas on a rolling programme throughout the autumn/winter. This is for aesthetic reasons and to help care for the grass underneath.

  • Environmental enforcement

    We, with our partners, are placing greater emphasis on making the local environment cleaner, safer and greener.

  • Report a fly tip

    Please report fly-tipping. We take this problem very seriously and will prosecute those caught fly tipping waste. Fly-tipping is irresponsible, dangerous and expensive to clear up.

  • Graffiti and fly-posting

    Fly-posting and graffiti are illegal, anti-social activities which create a negative impression of an area and can contribute to people's fear of crime.

  • Horticultural standards

    Serco's grounds maintenance team maintain shrubs, roses, flower beds and herbaceous borders. We also cut hedges and carry out replanting.

  • Hedge cutting

    The council undertakes hedge cutting on all of its amenity hedges twice a year, between June and the end of October. We expect the first cut to be complete by the end of July. Prestige hedges in the town centres are cut three times per year in May, July and the last two weeks of September.

  • Grass cutting

    The council cuts grass to ensure that people can use roads and pavements safely. Although environmental issues are of concern, grass cutting is actually carried out for highway safety reasons rather than to enhance the appearance of the area.

  • Weed Control

    Depending on the area in the borough, weed control is the responsibility of various authorities or departments. Read on to find out who to contact if you wish to report a weed issue.

  • Street furniture

    Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council provides and looks after street furniture such as benches, bus shelters and street name plates. Other street furniture is managed and maintained by Hertfordshire County Council.

  • Abandoned vehicles

    Information about abandoned vehicles, reporting or reclaiming them and disposing of unwanted vehicles.

  • Finding drug taking needles

    What to do if you find needles or other drug taking equipment.

  • Verge parking

    Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) is the local Highways Authority, and is responsible for the majority of grass verges across the borough.

  • Roundabout Sponsorship

    See more of your business around the borough

  • Assisted gardening scheme

    Helping council tenants to maintain their garden if they are unable to do so themselves.

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